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What is the quality of the 150W circular floodlight housing?

The brightness of the 150w circular floodlight is relatively strong, and it can be applied to some environments with large outdoor space. They can achieve good lighting effect and meet the needs of lighting. The 150W circular floodlight housing The quality affects the normal illumination of the luminaire. Next, let Lebekan take a detailed look at what the best quality of the lamp housing is, and what is the reason for the casing of the lamp?

150w round spotlights are used in outdoor environments, which requires users to consider the impact of the external environment, especially in the weather, always pay attention to the quality of the projector shell. It is best to have the lamp housing with good corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Generally speaking, the better material is aluminum alloy material, and the surface of the aluminum alloy material is plated with metal, so that it can play a very good protection effect.

Nowadays, there are more 150w circular floodlights on the market. The outer casing is made of plastic material. Many enterprises tend to choose plastic materials in order to save more cost. The texture of plastic material is very light. When installing, it is Very simple and convenient, if you can choose some materials with better corrosion resistance, they can also be used for a long time without being affected by the environment.

For the purchase of 150w round spotlights, be sure to look for the well-known manufacturers, choose the most suitable style according to the use environment, if you need to know, please contact lebekan at any time, or click www.lebekan.com for more details.




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