What he difference between Led street lights and ordinary street lights?

2021-07-19 22:04:01 lebekan 108

The difference between Led street lights and ordinary street lights:


Conventional ordinary street lamps generally use high-pressure sodium lamps, which have low overall light efficiency and 360° illumination, which not only causes great waste of energy, but also generates large heat and short life.

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The LED street lamp is a street lamp using a semiconductor light-emitting diode as a light source, and the LED street lamp is highly efficient and energy-saving, and has ultra-low power consumption. The energy consumption of white LEDs is only 1/10 of that of incandescent lamps and 1/4 of energy-saving lamps. 100w led street lamps are equivalent to the efficacy of 400w energy-saving lamps.


The luminous flux loss of the LED street light source is very small. Unlike the conventional light source, the LED street light is a half-space light source. The high-pressure sodium lamp is a light source that emits light in a full space. It is necessary to redirect the emitted light of one half space to the reflector in the other half space for reflection, and inevitably absorb the light and block the light source itself. The use of LED lights as a light source does not have this loss, the utilization ratio of light is higher than that of high-pressure nano lamps, and the service life is longer; and the light source of LED lamps does not contain harmful metal mercury, and is harmless to the environment.