The use method and precautions of the mobile lighting vehicle:

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1. How to use the mobile lighting vehicle:

(1). After the customer receives the mobile lighting equipment, it depends on whether the manufacturer sends the user individually or in a wooden box. If it is packaged separately, the customer needs to assemble each individual body by himself, if it is packaged in a whole wooden box ( The packaging cost of the whole wooden box is high, and the freight cost is also increased.) The wooden box can be removed directly.

(2). First, prepare the gasoline or diesel used by the generator (choose according to the purchased generator), engine oil (four-stroke engine oil is acceptable), and pay attention not to add too much or too little when adding gasoline (diesel) and engine oil , Especially if the engine oil is full or too little, it is easy to fail to fire. Add engine oil and turn it on. There is a scale on the oil cap, and add it to a point below the position marked F (pulling out the engine oil scale several times to view);

Then erect the lifting rod, and lock the lifting rod with the equipped locking device to prevent the lifting rod from falling back, install the lamp panel, and connect the corresponding connecting wire. Place the generator lighting equipment at the balance point, step on the brake device of the universal wheel and fix it (to prevent the lighting equipment from slipping away);

Then start the generator (make sure that the generator output power switch is off before starting the generator). When using the generator to generate electricity in summer, you don't need to open the damper, and you can directly pull the rope to generate electricity (the generator with battery can be started directly without Pull the rope). In winter, you need to open the damper, and then start the generator. When the generator starts to balance (when the generator voltmeter displays 220V or 380), close the damper. If you don't close the damper, the generator will shake.

When the generator is hot-started (just used, the generator is still in a hot state after a short interval), it can be started directly without opening the air door. After the voltage is balanced, turn on the generator output power switch, and then operate the control system to control the lifting of the automatic lifting rod and the switch of the lamps. It can also be controlled manually or remotely.

2. Precautions for using mobile lighting vehicles:

(1). In areas with thin air. Do not turn on the lighting equipment at full load. For example, a 2KW generator drives a 2000W lamp, which will cause some lights to not turn on. You can choose to only turn on a part of the lights or choose a generator with a power greater than the light. For example, use a 3KW generator to drive a 2000W lamp. .

(2). Maintenance of mobile lighting vehicles. If mobile lighting equipment is not used for a long time, all the engine oil needs to be drained. If not, the generator will easily become unusable or damaged for the second time.