Reasons for choosing portable UPS power supply:

2021-10-18 09:28:13 lebekan 151

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1. The portable UPS uninterruptible power supply is used in the environment of tight instrument load and high power supply quality. It can ensure the inverter switching, output voltage, frequency stability and the purity of the output waveform.

2. The portable UPS energy storage power supply can be used in mountainous areas, pastoral areas, outdoors, and in cars and ships without electricity, and can be operated with DC and exchange for power.

3. Pan-geographic mobile UPS power supply is a portable high-capacity UPS power supply. It uses high-performance lithium batteries and the most advanced lithium battery technology to produce strong output energy. It provides two modes of AC output and DC output to facilitate different mobile products. It is convenient to carry.

whatsapp ID:+13296622927

4. The portable UPS power supply protects important loads such as standby machines and servers. If there is a failure, there will be economic losses.

5. Portable UPS power supply is an uninterrupted power supply with extremely high requirements for inverter switching. It has the characteristics of voltage stabilization and frequency stability, and purification of mains. It can also be rectified/inverted double conversion for power supply.

Portable UPS power supply integrates multiple functions such as light weight, high capacity, and high power. It is light and portable, and it is better to use it outdoors for a long time.