What are the reasons for the wide range of street lamps?

2020-07-13 21:34:01 lebekan 48

Today, in urban lighting systems, led street lights are the first choice for many municipal projects. But why is this lamp so widely used?

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First. Low energy consumption.

At present, led street lights are an important part of urban lighting, which can guarantee very good road lighting effects. The traditional street lamp is very energy-saving, because it uses a high-pressure sodium lamp to emit light, so the light loss of this street lamp is very large, it will cause a waste of energy. If the city lighting system uses led street lights, it will not cause a huge waste of energy. Therefore, the LED street lamp can have a wide range of applications.

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Second, do not pollute the environment.

One of the problems that the world needs to face is that the environment is getting worse. So for every country, there is an urgent need to develop clean energy. If the city lighting system uses led lamps, it can well alleviate the problem of energy consumption and pollution, because led street lamps have no radiation, no pollution, and no harm to the environment. At present, my country's national economy is growing rapidly, and power supply and demand are in short supply. However, led street lamps use solar energy to generate electricity, so they can solve the problem of contradiction between power supply and demand.

Third. Better light efficiency and longer service life.

As a very novel energy source, LED street lamps can replace traditional street lamps well. Because it is not only energy-saving and efficient, high color rendering, but also a longer service life, more than 50000 hours.