Introduction and Application of mobile lighting vehicle:

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1. What is an all-round mobile lighting vehicle?

Referred to as mobile lighting vehicle: it can illuminate 360 degrees in all directions, leaving no dead corners. The lamp holder is conventionally equipped with 4 headlights, which can illuminate in four directions. It is called omnidirectional lighting.

The mobile lighting vehicle means that this lighting equipment can be equipped with 4 silent and wear-resistant casters at the bottom. The 4 wheels have two fixed wheels and two stepping wheels, and are equipped with brakes, which can be moved like a car;

Install a generator on the bottom plate (the generator can be a gasoline generator or a diesel generator, and the generator brand can choose to use the high, medium and low grade on the market) as the power supply for the lighting equipment, or it can be connected to the city power supply, and install on this basis Automatic lifting rods and control systems are called omni-directional mobile lighting vehicles, also known as omni-directional mobile lighting tasks, lifting lighting work lights, and power-generating lighting equipment.

2. The purpose of all-round mobile lighting vehicle: In some special environmental places, such as: night construction, remote location operation, flood prevention emergency lighting, road repairs, electric power repairs, fire emergency lighting, etc., it is not possible to use city electricity, small portable lighting The car is designed for this purpose. It has its own generator for power supply. It can work for more than 13 hours when filled with a tank of oil, and it can work continuously (pay attention to the heat dissipation of the generator).

Mobile lighting is suitable for various flammable and explosive sites of railways, electric power, shipyards, steel plants, petrochemical industries, etc., on-site operations, inspections, accident repairs, abnormal situation handling, various crime scenes, traffic accident investigation and rescue sites, high-speed High-brightness and wide-range night lighting as well as various other emergency rescue and disaster relief and accident handling site lighting for highway inspection checkpoints.