How to choose and install Home Solar Power System 10-2 how to choose controler

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How to choose solar controler for your home solar system.whatsapp ID:+13296622927

First of all, we should understand what a solar controller is, the characteristics of a solar controller, and how to use a solar controller.

1. The solar controller is composed of a dedicated processor CPU, electronic components, displays, switching power tubes, etc.

main feature:

a. The use of single-chip microcomputer and special software realizes intelligent control;

b. Accurate discharge control using battery discharge rate characteristic correction. The end-of-discharge voltage is a control point corrected by the discharge rate curve, which eliminates the inaccuracy of simple voltage control over-discharge, and conforms to the inherent characteristics of the battery, that is, different discharge rates have different end-of-life voltages.

c. It has automatic control such as overcharge, overdischarge, electronic short circuit, overload protection, and unique anti-reverse connection protection; the above protection does not damage any components and does not burn insurance;

d. The series PWM charging main circuit is adopted, which reduces the voltage loss of the charging circuit by nearly half compared with the charging circuit using diodes, and the charging efficiency is 3%-6% higher than that of non-PWM, which increases the power consumption time; the improvement of over-discharge recovery Charging, normal direct charging, and automatic control of floating charging make the system have a longer service life; at the same time, it has high-precision temperature compensation;

e. The intuitive LED light-emitting tube indicates the current battery status, allowing users to understand the usage status;

f. All controls use industrial-grade chips (only for industrial-grade controllers with I), which can run freely in cold, high temperature, and humid environments. At the same time, the crystal oscillator timing control is used, and the timing control is precise.

g. The potentiometer adjustment control set point is canceled, and the E-square memory is used to record each working control point, which digitizes the setting and eliminates the error of the control point due to the vibration deviation and temperature drift of the potentiometer, which reduces the accuracy and reliability. sexual factors;

h. Digital LED display and settings are used, and all settings can be completed by one-button operation. The function of extremely convenient and intuitive use is to control the working state of the entire system, and to protect the battery from overcharge and overdischarge. In places with large temperature difference, a qualified controller should also have the function of temperature compensation. Other additional functions such as light-controlled switches and time-controlled switches should be optional for the controller;

2. How to use a solar controller.

a. choose a suitable model controller base on current, and battery voltage.check all specification, confirm if it can connect your solar panel,solar battery.

b.Ensure the solar cable and MC4 plug are suitable for your system. open all parts products introduce.

c.Fixed solar panels base on your project design dwg, connect all solar panel and waterproof cable

d. Fixed solar controler on wall ,connect the cable, please to test all equipment work is nomarl

Next step will introdue how to choose battery