What he practicality of solar street lights?

2021-07-19 22:02:47 lebekan 68

The use of solar street lights is in line with the development of the society, combined with the development trend of low-carbon economy. Lebekan solar street lights in the choice of energy, there is no pollution, inexhaustible sources of solar energy.

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  • Use sunlight as energy, charge during the day and use at night, without complicated and expensive pipeline laying.

  • No need to dig trenches to match, you can adjust the layout of lamps.

  • No need to pay for electricity in the daily use process in the future.

  • Safe, energy-saving and pollution-free, the charging and opening/closing process adopts intelligent control, light-controlled automatic switch, without manual operation

  • Stable and reliable work, maintenance-free, suitable for lighting and decoration of residential areas, villas, parks, squares, roads and other public places.

  • The exterior design uses metal, engineering plastics and other materials die-casting lamps, novel style, beautiful appearance, concise and bright.

  • After anti-corrosion treatment such as spraying and spraying, the lamp post is durable, blending ornamental, practical and integrated.

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