Why LED light source will replace traditional high-pressure sodium lamps?

2021-07-19 22:03:27 lebekan 123

Recently, Huancheng Road, Wenzhou City is undergoing street lamp transformation and upgrading. The tall LED light source will replace the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp and become the lighting source for citizens to travel at night.

In May last year, the Municipal Administration Department began to try to install the proposed LED light source. After passing the test and inspection to meet the requirements, starting in August last year, some city pipeline lamps in the urban area have been replaced with LED light sources.

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It is understood that this urban street light source renovation is precisely because of the high utilization rate of LED light source, long service life, good color rendering of light illumination, and more energy-saving and environmental protection advantages.

In terms of light efficiency utilization, the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp is a light source that emits light in a full space, and the actual light irradiated on the road direction is less; while the LED light emits light in a single direction on the light-emitting surface, the light flux loss is small, and the light source utilization rate is high. In terms of energy saving and environmental protection, traditional high-pressure light sources contain metallic mercury and metallic sodium (which become mercury vapor and sodium vapor after being energized), and subsequent waste disposal has great environmental pollution; while LEDs are solid light sources, no gas is added, and street lamps do not contain harmful Metal mercury is safer and environmentally friendly without pollution. In addition, in terms of color rendering performance, the high-pressure sodium lamp has a low color rendering index, poor color rendering, and poor color reproduction of the object itself, which is not conducive to judging the depth of the surrounding environment; LED light source has a high color rendering index, good color rendering, and can be very good The actual color of the object is restored to the natural light color. In terms of service life, the service life of traditional high-pressure sodium lamps is 1 to 3 years, while the average service life of LED lamps is more than 5 years.

At present, Wenzhou City has completed the replacement of more than 30,000 street light sources, and it is expected that nearly 40,000 LED street lights will be installed by the end of this year.