What the Advantages and disadvantages of solar led street lights?

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Advantages and disadvantages of solar led street lights:

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Advantages: 1. Energy Saving. Solar LED street lights use solar energy to achieve lighting effects, and solar energy is a renewable energy source, which saves energy.

2. Safe voltage. Solar LED street lights generally use 12V or 24V systems. Solar LED street lights are relatively safe and will not cause safety accidents such as electric shock.

3. Easy to install. The solar LED street light is a self-contained system, no need to dig cable trenches and pre-buried pipelines. It can be directly installed using solar LED street lights, making the construction more convenient.

4. Conducive to environmental protection. Using solar energy as energy source, there is no pollution, no radiation, in line with the current environmental protection concept Disadvantages:

5. Installation is not restricted by region. It can be installed as long as there is sufficient sunlight. It is especially suitable for remote areas, imperfect grid facilities, but sufficient solar energy to bring a bright light to the remote night.

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1. Application environment. Solar led street lights use solar energy as an energy source and must be installed in a place with sufficient sun illuminance to ensure that the solar panels can be fully illuminated by the sun, and the battery is fully charged for night lighting. If the solar energy source is not sufficient, the installation of solar street lights cannot give full play to its advantages.

2. Cost. Solar street lights have more components and higher quality requirements, so the price is relatively high, and the price of ordinary street lights is relatively low. But solar street lights do not need electricity, which makes up for this shortcoming.