Main points and difficulties of industrial design of smart street lights (1)

2020-12-28 10:27:16 lebekan 126

As an important part of smart city construction, smart street lights will be widely used in urban roads.

In order to improve the quality of urban life, major cities have begun to focus on building smart cities in recent years. As an important part of infrastructure, smart street lights have the characteristics of wide distribution and uniform distribution. They are ideal base stations for various hardware devices and information flows, and will help the city's smart construction. In order to reduce the costs from production to application, smart street lights need to have the characteristics of wide application scenarios and long life, while adapting to the complex natural and social environments.

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The lifespan of smart street lights can usually reach more than 20 years. With the development of technology, the hardware with smart street lights as the carrier becomes more diverse. However, most of the current street lamps do not have enough function expansion interfaces, which greatly reduces their ability to adapt to the social environment. Therefore, the function expandability of the light pole and the easy disassembly and assembly of various hardware should be paid attention to.

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In addition, in order to adapt to the harsh natural environment and diverse social environments, smart street lights should have structural stability, surface corrosion resistance, and adapt to social appearance styles.