The status quo of the LED mobile lighting market in 2020

2020-11-30 11:41:40 lebekan 50

Mobile lighting, also known as portable lighting, refers to lighting products that are small in size, light in weight, and have certain mobility. They are generally handheld electronic lighting tools, which belong to a branch of the lighting industry.

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In recent years, our country's mobile lighting industry has always maintained a stable development trend, with a steady increase in total output value.

1. Meet the needs of "continuous" and "portable" lighting

Mobile lighting products are equipped with batteries and can operate independently for several hours or even longer without being connected to AC power. This feature makes it extremely useful in developing countries or regions where power facilities are imperfect and the power supply cannot be continuously guaranteed. Demand.

In developed countries or regions, outdoor life and outdoor sports have increasingly become a new trend in people's life, entertainment and pastime. However, in the wild environment, power facilities are scarce.

Therefore, mobile lighting products meet people's "outdoor lighting" needs due to their portability and continuous lighting characteristics, and increasingly become an indispensable tool for outdoor life and outdoor activities.

2. Meet the needs of "emergency" lighting

On the one hand, emergency lights have increasingly become a necessary safety facility in public places and daily homes, and hotel rooms and other places are gradually being forced to be equipped with emergency lights or flashlights as fire safety protection tools.

On the other hand, in areas with frequent natural disasters, once disasters occur, power public facilities are often severely damaged, and power supply is subsequently paralyzed. The power shortage has brought great inconvenience to the daily life of the people in the disaster area, and it has also caused huge obstacles to the development of emergency response work in the disaster area.

Because of its "emergency" as a supplementary measure for lighting supply after disasters, mobile lighting products have played a positive role in maintaining basic daily lighting and the rapid development of disaster relief work.