The function and classification of LED power supply

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What is LED power supply?

Due to the characteristics of LED lamp beads (can only be driven by direct current), an integrated circuit is needed to convert alternating current to direct current between the mains and the LED lamp (as shown in the left schematic diagram). This integrated circuit is the LED control drive, commonly known as LED power supply (LED Driver)

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①AC to DC

② Supply the current size and voltage range required by the lamps

③Provide circuit safety protection for lamps

④ Electromagnetic compatibility processing, filtering processing

⑤Other intelligent control, etc.

Classification: By Output Type

Constant current power supply: the output current is constant, and the output voltage varies within a certain range with different load resistance values (eg: DC27-42V 1000mA)

Constant voltage power supply: the output voltage is fixed, and the output current changes with the increase or decrease of the load (for example: DC24V 0-1250mA)

Classification: by isolation method

Isolated Power:

The conversion process is "electricity-magnetism-electricity".

Using a transformer, the high voltage is passed through the transformer to drop the voltage to a lower voltage, which is then rectified into a DC output.

Non-isolated power supply:

The conversion process is "electricity-electricity"

Use high voltage to step down and rectify into DC output through components such as inductors.

Compare the two:

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Classification: by installation location

Built-in power supply: Built in the cavity of the lamp, if the lamp is a metal shell, insulation measures need to be taken between the power supply and the cavity.

External power supply: placed outside the lamp, it can be fixed or not depending on the situation, and the shell must be installed for insulation. If it is used outdoors, it needs to be glued and waterproof

whatsapp ID:+13296622927whatsapp ID:+13296622927