What the Application of solar LED street light?

2021-07-19 21:59:34 216

Application of solar LED street light:

With the domestic economic development, urban construction, new rural construction and the improvement of national income and living standards, the demand for lighting and lamps has increased significantly. Solar street lights can be said to be the leading product of outdoor lighting at present, and its application range is unmatched by other lighting.

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The function of solar LED street lights is the best equipment for outdoor energy-saving lighting. Using this product in areas with insufficient power or rainy seasons is the best choice. This can make the entire power supply system smoother in rural or mountainous areas. There is often a shortage of power, so this time you can install solar rural street lights in these places where power is scarce, so that the security and safety of rural and mountain areas will become more perfect.

Solar street light products never blindly pursue or follow suit in development and production. Before the design, our Lebekan lighting team will visit some cities and scenic spots to design products based on the city's style and the culture of the scenic spot. In product production, we still adhere to the production management concept of "quality is not tested, but produced"; in the production process, every department and employee has an obligation and right to propose improvements to quality, and implement this concept to the grassroots level .

The application fields of solar LED street lights are:

1. Road and street lighting in rural, township and other edge areas.

2. City square, parking lot, school playground, workers' green space, park lighting, etc.

3. Lighting for golf courses, beaches, high-end villas, etc.

4. Highway warning signs, bridge street lamp power replacement, etc.

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