Do you know what is the solar street light?

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1.The Solar light:

System principle: The working principle of the system is simple. The solar cell made by the photovoltaic effect principle during the day receives solar radiant energy and converts it into electrical output. It is stored in the battery through the charge and discharge controller, and the illumination is gradually reduced to 10lux at night Left and right, the open circuit voltage of the solar panel is about 4.5V. 

The charge and discharge controller will act after detecting this voltage, and the battery will discharge the lamp cap. 

After the battery is discharged for 8 hours, the charge and discharge controller will act, and the battery discharge ends. The main function of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the battery.

2.The Sun generate system:

working principle: During the day, under light conditions, the solar cell modules generate a certain electromotive force, and the solar cell array is formed through the series and parallel connection of the modules, so that the voltage of the array meets the requirements of the system input voltage. 

Then charge the battery through the charge and discharge controller, and store the electric energy converted from light energy. At night, the battery pack provides input power for the inverter. Through the function of the inverter, the DC power is converted into AC power, which is transmitted to the power distribution cabinet, and the power is supplied by the switching function of the power distribution cabinet. 

The discharge of the battery pack is controlled by the controller to ensure the normal use of the battery. Photovoltaic power station systems should also have limited-load protection and lightning protection devices to protect the system equipment from overload operation and avoid lightning strikes, and to maintain the safe use of system equipment.

3.Advantages of solar street lights: 

a. Solar street lights use solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity. As a green and environmentally friendly new energy source, solar energy is "Limitless reserve and inexhaustible." Making full use of solar energy resources is of positive significance to alleviating the shortage of conventional energy.

b. The installation of solar street lights is simple and convenient, and there is no need to do a lot of basic works such as laying cables like ordinary street lights, only a base is needed to fix, all wiring and control parts are placed in the light frame to form a whole.

c. The operation and maintenance cost of solar street lights is low. Solar powered street lights use solar power. Except for a small part of the electricity cost in rainy days, the operating cost is almost zero. The operation of the entire system is automatically controlled, without human intervention, and almost no maintenance cost.